ATLANTIS - LEADER of sustainable tourism iN THE BAHAMAS

As more destinations across the globe turn their focus to eco-tourism,
Atlantis Paradise Island continues to lead the charge toward a sustainable future in The Bahamas. For more than 25 years, we have actively conserved ecosystems, protected wildlife, and tangibly executed social responsibility initiatives.

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A global leader in marine animal rescue, research & rehabilitation

Dedicated to protecting, preserving & improving the environment

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Championing sustainable tourism


Tomorrow begins with what we do today. That's why for nearly three decades, Atlantis Paradise Island has been at the forefront of protecting, preserving, and improving the natural world – both above and below the sea.

Here, guests and the environment coexist in harmony. Every decision we make is guided by our current and future environmental, social, and economic impacts.

environmental responsibility

As a fierce leader for the health of ocean habitats and ecosystems, Atlantis reduces its carbon footprint through reusable programs & the elimination of single-use plastic bottles, styrofoam containers, utensils, and single-use plastic bags.

Balloons are not permitted on Atlantis’ property as part of our commitment to protect our marine habitats and wildlife.

Balloons can accidentally end up being ingested by marine animals, littering our beautiful beaches, and polluting the ocean.

Read on to learn more about our different initiatives including:


- Atlantis Blue Project Foundation

- Environmental Initiatives
- Rescue & Rehabilitation
- Endangered Species
- Conservation

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Atlantis Blue Project Foundation

Founded in 2005 by Atlantis Paradise Island, the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that sustains, protects, and supports marine species and their habitats throughout The Bahamas and surrounding Caribbean seas. Atlantis Blue Project supports scientific research, conservation programs, and community outreach efforts that are funded through guest participation in the resort’s marine interactions and experiences.

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Atlantis Blue Project and its partners helped establish 1.4 million acres of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the west side of Andros Island.
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Every marine program and Dolphin Cay experience support Atlantis Blue Project initiatives.
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Atlantis Blue Project Foundation has funded over $5 million in coral reef research and restoration initiatives.
Environmental initiatives
atlantis sustainability recycling
We lead the charge for recycling in The Bahamas. In 2022 we increased aluminum can recycling by 900% over 2021. The proceeds from these recycling efforts are reinvested into the community y through the Cans 4 Kids nonprofit.
atlantis water bottle
Guests are given reusable water bottles free of charge, with installed hydration stations throughout all facilities.
water conservation
Water conservation and energy-efficiency programs
To conserve water and energy, Atlantis has installed energy-efficient equipment and a system for turning lights off and raising the temperature in vacant guest rooms and office spaces. The resort encourages guests to reuse bath towels and minimize bedsheet changes. The leadership committee at Atlantis is spearheading efforts around clean technologies.
clean oceans
Clean Oceans
Atlantis was the first in The Bahamas to install a Seabin, a skimming device that captures and collects debris, macro and microplastics, and microfibers from the marina.
sustainability recycling
Low-waste dining
Atlantis has eliminated plastic straws and styrofoam containers. Future sustainability plans include a food composting and food recycling initiative.
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Natural ocean fed habitats
The resort has reduced the use of chemicals in multiple operations, resulting in a healthier environment that supports species diversity, with an annual savings of nearly $1.5 million since 2018.

We are a global leader in marine animal research and the rescue and rehabilitation of marine life throughout the Caribbean. We fiercely advocate for the health of ocean habitats and ecosystems. We actively contribute to scientific research, conservation, and education programs in the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

Every day, we make responsible corporate decisions that will have long-term positive impacts on our environment — and we encourage all those around us to do the same.

Discover some of the significant ways we're protecting our oceans, from the creation of Dolphin Cay, one of the largest and most sophisticated marine-mammal habitats in the world, to helping restore local mangrove forests and wetlands in places such as Lake Victoria in Exuma.

a ray of hope
After more than a year in residence at the world’s largest open-air marine habitat at Atlantis, Hope the manta ray was ready to return to her native Bahamian waters. Atlantis is one of only two aquariums in the Western Hemisphere to care for giant mantas and has been studying and releasing manta rays for more than two decades. Watch as Hope glides gracefully through the water as she is released to the open ocean to start her next great adventure.
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rescue & Rehabilitation
From sharks, rays, and barracuda, to eels, and critically endangered Smalltooth sawfish, we are home to the largest open-air marine habitat in the world representing over 250 marine species.
modern miracle
Exactly four years after being rescued and rehabilitated, the spotted dolphin, M&M (short for Modern Miracle), was seen off the coast of Bimini.
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marine animals
Dolphin Cay is one of the most sophisticated marine habitats in the world with the Caribbean’s premier marine life rescue and rehabilitation facility.
manatee rescue
saving manny
Following a three-month recovery period at Atlantis, Manny the manatee returned to Spanish Wells, The Bahamas
Endangered Species

Several critically endangered animals, including the great hammerhead shark, green sea turtles, and smalltooth sawfish, are cared for at Atlantis and are part of the AZA Species Survival Plan.

The foundation partners with research institutions such as the United States Geological Survey, the Mote Marine Laboratory, and the Chicago Zoological Society to collect and track data from numerous endangered and threatened animals, including manatees, giant manta rays, and dolphins.

An on-site tissue bank allows the team to preserve critical biological samples for future research and histopathology.

we’re accredited

We are proud to be one of the select facilities to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and recently earned the distinction of Global Humane Certified™, the international brand of American Humane, for our high standards of care and animal welfare.

We are also accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums, and the International Marine Animal Trainers Association.

These accreditations solidify our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care to more than 250 species of animals at Atlantis Paradise Island, in addition to protecting marine animals and their habitats in the wild.

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