Rescued Sea Turtle “Governor”

Returns to the Wild on World Ocean Day!

“Governor,” a four-year-old endangered green sea turtle, is scheduled for release back into Bahamian waters on World Ocean Day, Wednesday, June 8, at Atlantis Paradise Beach. The turtle was named for Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera, where he was found injured. “Governor” has recovered fully during his four months of rehabilitation under the expert care of the Atlantis, Paradise Island marine aquarists and veterinarian Dr. Amanda Pinder. Governor is now strong enough to return to the ocean.

When “Governor” was brought to the marine wildlife rehabilitation facility at Atlantis, the green sea turtle was suffering from a severe traumatic injury. He was so weakened; he could barely lift his head above water to breathe. Atlantis, Paradise Island is proud to be home to the state-of-the-art marine wildlife rehabilitation hospital, the only one of its kind in The Bahamas.

“Based on Governor’s physical exam it was determined that head trauma was the most likely cause of the signs we were seeing. The most common cause of head trauma in a sea turtle would be from a boat strike. At that point, supportive care was initiated including fluids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories. After 7 days in our care, we were able to get Governor to eat and his mobility and buoyancy issues gradually improved over the next few months” said Dr. Pinder, attending veterinarian at Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Endangered green sea turtles are found year-round in Bahamian waters, dining on seagrasses around the islands. Green sea turtles average 350 pounds and four feet in length when fully grown. The greatest threat to their survival remains commercial harvest of their eggs and meat for food. All sea turtles and their nests in The Bahamas are fully protected by law prohibiting the harvest, possession, purchase, and sale of turtles, their parts, and their eggs. If you spot a stranded or injured sea turtle, please contact the Bahamas Sea Turtle Network at

A portion of every marine experience at our resort supports the efforts of
the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation to sustain, protect, and research marine life and our ocean ecosystems.

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