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Atlantis, Paradise Island’s Hibiscus Lagoon is an incredible underwater world. Home to Green sea turtles, Triggerfish, and Bermuda chubs, this is a special opportunity for vacationers to explore breathtaking marine habitats.

HibiscusLagoon Marin


Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas), Triggerfish (Balistidae) and Bermuda chubs (Kyphosus sectatrix).

HibiscusLagoon GreenTurtle1

Green Sea Turtles

Green sea turtles gorge on sea grasses and algae.Their strictly vegetarian diet turns their body fat green, contrasting their olive brown/black shell. Turtles have specialized bacteria that break down plant material so it can be digested. Mature females leave their underwater pastures to reproduce every two to four years and migrate thousands of miles back to the beaches where they hatched.

HibiscusLagoon Basking

Basking on the Beach

Unlike most sea turtles that swim near the shallow water’s surface to warm themselves, green sea turtles will catch rays by basking on the beach. Occasionally seen in the company of albatrosses and seals, green sea turtles are one of the few marine turtles that leave the sea other than for nesting.

HibiscusLagoon Nuturing

Nurturing Nests

Green sea turtles get a head start at Atlantis. About every two years, females will lay 300 to 600 eggs that our Aquarists unearth and place in replica nests in our Fish Hospital. In about 60 days, after the sea turtles hatch, Atlantis Aquarists take the young out to the beach and release them.

HibiscusLagoon Hatching

Hatching in Concert

Female green sea turtles crawl up on the beach and dig a pit in the sand, where they lay 100 to 200 eggs before returning to the ocean.

We offer daily scheduled feedings for our guests to watch!

Day passes are required for non-Atlantis guests to access the Atlantis waterscape, Dolphin Cay, marine habitat and beaches. The passes are only available to guests of our established partners and Bahamian residents, and can be purchased - on a limited basis - at the Atlantis Adventures desk located at the clock tower in front of The Coral. Day passes to Aquaventure, marine habitat, and beaches are complimentary for guests of Comfort Suites Paradise Island and One&Only Ocean Club Resort Bahamas.

To purchase a day pass guests must present a valid partner hotel room key, a valid ID from a partner cruise line, or proof of Bahamian residency. View our preferred partners here.

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Individuals under 18 years old must be accompanied by an Adult 18 years or older.


Fish Feeding:
Please refer to the daily Atlantean for daily scheduled feedings.