Welcome to the Dig

As you descend the steps below The Royal Lobby and approach the entrance to The Dig,
behold the remarkable underwater view of The Ruins, an enormous aquarium depicting the sunken City of Atlantis.

According to the myth, a catastrophic volcanic eruption caused an earthquake and a great flood that completely submerged the city.

The Dig

Built by Olio from Venice, California, The Dig is regarded as the world's largest recreation of the mythical Atlantis.

Based on Plato's writings, The Dig and it's 15 chambers are meant to imitate a 600-foot-long archeological dig in search of signs of the lost ancient city. Explore The Dig by entering from the lower level of The Royal Lobby.


After thousands of years, this beautiful fountain's pumping mechanism still functions, but now it is used to oxygenate the water for Palometa Jacks (Trachinotus goodei), silver fish with black bars and elongated dorsal & pectoral fins).


This storage room for Atlantean pots and urns has become the perfect home for green moray eels (Gymnothorax funebris.) Eels are actually fish.

The green color of these animals is produced by a yellow mucous layer, which overlays the darker blue skin. They grow to an impressive length of 6 feet.

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