THE most thrilling water slides

at aquaventure

Plunge 50 feet into a lagoon on The Abyss, conquer The Drop, brave The Falls, and ride the twists and turns of The Surge. 

With over 8 thrilling water slides — from the iconic Mayan Temple to the formidable Power Tower — read on for a quick look at some of the most exciting water slides you don’t want to miss! 

atlantis aquaventure mayan temple leap of faith guest sliding
Leap of Faith
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waterpark waterslides theabyss family
the abyss
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WaterPark TheSurge
the surge
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royal challenger slides
the challenger
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jungle Slide 350x236
the jungle slide
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waterpark riverrides extremerapids
rapids river
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WaterPark TheFalls
The Falls
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atlantis aquaventure rapids river guests on innertubes
The Drop
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WaterPark SerpentSlide
The Serpent Slide
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Prepare to test your courage on the iconic Leap of Faith, one of Atlantis' most thrilling slides. As you ascend the towering Mayan Temple, brace yourself for a heart-pounding drop that plunges you through a clear acrylic tunnel surrounded by a marine life-filled lagoon.
leap of faith mobile
atlantis aquaventure mayan temple leap of faith guest sliding
leap of faith mobile

The Abyss begins with a staggering, 50-foot near-vertical drop through complete darkness within the Power Tower. Totaling 200 feet long, this thrilling body slide ends as guests splash through waterfalls and into The Cenote, an underground lair of prehistoric fish.

Get ready for an electrifying race on The Surge, a high-speed water coaster that guarantees thrills for all ages. This slide combines the excitement of a roller coaster with the refreshing splash of water. Accelerate through twists, turns, and sudden drops as you soar uphill and downhill.
waterpark waterslides thesurge girl
atlantis aquaventure power tower the surge waterslide
Surrounding the Power Tower is the Rapids River, driven by high-intensity waves that push riders through the scenic landscape. Throughout the river's mile-long meandering loop are wave surges, elevations, and drops of up to 7 feet, including a section with powerful white water rapids.
atlantis rapids river family in tubes
atlantis aquaventure rapids river guests on innertubes
This slide is accessible from the center of the Power Tower. The slide then drops riders 58 feet to ground level before propelling them through a water roller coaster of twisting tubes.
waterpark waterslides thefalls girl
waterpark waterslides thefalls boy

On the five-story corkscrew Serpent Slide, guests travel on a tube at high speeds through the darkness of the Mayan Temple's core. The twisting and turning ride culminates with a leisurely pass through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a lagoon filled with amazing marine life.

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