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Introducing the centerpiece of the lobby lounge at The Coral, Sun & Ice, a new ice cream, gelato and
sorbet experience created by Bahamian Chef Wayne Moncur.

First introduced to the Bahamian market in 2008, Sun & Ice is inspired by the warm tropical climate of the country and the unconventional fusing of local fruits and flavors. Reminiscent of Chef Wayne’s childhood memories of weekly Sunday visits to the ice-cream parlor with his family, Sun & Ice was created as a ‘farm to table’ concept. The foundation of the frozen treats is the simple goodness of fresh milk, cream, egg yolks and pure cane sugar. But, it is the masterful marriage and explosion of the freshest organic, seasonal fruits, herbs, teas, spices and seeds from farms and gardens throughout the islands of The Bahamas that makes these flavors one-of-a-kind.

Every scoop has a story: How about a scoop of 'Irie Nuts’? The roasted peanuts, almonds and pecans combined with creamy goodness is inspired by the small bags of roasted nuts commonly sold on street corners by the Bahamian Rastafarians who weave in and out of traffic, shouting ‘Nuts, nuts! Get your Irie Nuts!' The fusion of Soursop & Caramelized Sugar Banana is called time ‘Yea Bey,' an expression in the Bahamian vernacular that simply means ‘Yes’ or ‘I love it’. Other enticing flavors consist of local seasonal fruits like sea grapes and sapodilla. It wouldn’t be ‘TRU TRU Bahamian’ (the colloquial term for real/authentic) without the rum flavors - like 'Funky Nassau’ ‘Bahama Rock’ and ‘Rat Bat’. The ice cream parlor is open to guests seven days a week from 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM daily.