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How do I book a wedding at Atlantis?

Contact our LOVE Atlantis Wedding Sales Team at 1-888-528-9758

What do I need to know before contacting the Wedding Sales Manager?

You should have your budget, estimated number of guests and a date. If possible choose an alternate date in case your first choice is not available.

When should I reserve my wedding date?

Usually 6-9 months is sufficient, but we can accommodate bookings more than 12 months in advance as well. A minimum of 30 days is required to plan a wedding from our LOVE Atlantis planning options, depending on availability and the size of the group.

Whom will I work with to arrange my wedding?

Our LOVE Atlantis specialists offer a complete team to assist you with your plans for your special day. Knowledgeable in destination weddings, our specialists are committed to ensure your wedding is an unforgettable affair.

Weddings Sales Manager

Your wedding sales manager will be your first contact with Atlantis.
She/he will answer all of your preliminary questions, assist you in choosing or creating the perfect plan option and provide you with any necessary contracts and group room rates for your guests. Your wedding sales manager will work closely with your on-island wedding specialist to ensure that all details of your event are conveyed to your on-island event team.

Celebration Specialist

Your wedding specialist will handle all on-island aspects of your event and will organize and coordinate the entire wedding ceremony and reception. He/she will assist you in creating a wedding timeline, working with outside vendors and all aspects of the reception including venues, entertainment, billing, and food and beverage selections. He/she will also be on hand if you should travel to Atlantis for a site or arrangement visit prior to your event.

Banquet Event Manager

Your Banquet Event Manager is dedicated to setting up your ceremony and reception, ensuring the team delivers a wedding that exceeds your expectations and a reception that flows smoothly

Do I need to have a Passport?

Yes, the United States Government requires all US citizens returning to the US to have a passport. Please check your local Passport Office for details.

What requirements are needed for my wedding in The Bahamas?

Both parties must be in The Bahamas at the time of the application.

The Bahamas Law states that the couple must be a resident in The Bahamas for 48 hours prior to the date of the application. HOWEVER, couples can file for their paperwork the next day after their arrival i.e. if you arrive on Wednesday you can apply for your license on Thursday. You will be required to bring the copy of Bahamas Immigration form which you receive upon entering the Bahamas. This form will state the length of time you will be staying in the Bahamas.

If either party is a minor (a person under 18 years of age), parental consent is required.

If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced. For European residents, the original decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced in the native language along with a translated certified or notarized copy in English.

If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced.

If either party is unmarried, for a citizen or resident of the US, a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a U.S. Consul at the American Embassy for a fee, or a Bahamian Notary Public.

If either party is unmarried and is a citizen or resident of a country other than the US, a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a Notary Public or other person authorized to administer oaths in that country and must accompany the application for the marriage license.

The parties must produce some form of identification that has a photograph attached. The identification document must be issued by a Government Office in the country where the parties reside. A passport is required for persons who are residents of a Commonwealth country.

The parties must produce evidence of the date of their arrival in The Islands of the Bahamas (i.e., airline ticket, immigration card).

No blood test is necessary.

For couples from European countries who may also require an Apostille copy of the marriage certificate, this can be obtained after the ceremony, once the couple submits an application at the Registrar General's office in Nassau. The process takes seven to ten days.

Weddings must be held before sunset.

How many days do I need to be at the Resort before we can get married?

If your Ceremony is on:

You must arrive in the Bahamas on:

To file your Wedding License with the Registar's Office on:






















NOTE: Saturdays, Sundays and local Bahamian Holidays are not considered working days.
Does Atlantis provide an escort to the Registrar’s Office?

All of the LOVE ATLANTIS planning options (excluding Renewed Love) include the service of an escort that will arrange transportation to the Registrar’s Office and walk you through the process of applying for and obtaining your marriage license.

When will I receive my marriage certificate?

Once you have exchanged vows, the certificate will be prepared by the Registrar General Office and will be available within 7-10 business days after the wedding. Saturdays, Sundays and Bahamian Holidays are not considered business days. Additional Certified Copies are available for an additional fee.

Will my marriage license be legal in my country?

Yes, The Bahamas marriage license is a legal document issued by The Bahamas government.

Will our Divorce Decree, Death Certificate, and birth certificates be returned to us?

No. Please ensure you provide us with certified copies of originals, as part of the official(raised seal) application for your marriage license.

Is Atlantis an All-Inclusive Property?

No. Atlantis provides a large variety of casual and gourmet dining venues, as well as indoor and outdoor options.

Do you offer Meals/Beverages Plans for Wedding Guests staying at Atlantis?

Yes. We offer Atlantis Dining Plans that wedding guests staying at Atlantis can add on to their stay. All guests in the room must be participating in the same meal plan for their entire stay. For no reason will guests be credited for any portion of their selected meal plan. Dining plans can only accommodate guest seating up to 6.

Can we enhance or upgrade the seven LOVE Atlantis planning options?​

Our seven planning options are just a foundation for you to begin creating your dream wedding. We encourage you to start with one of these planning options and work with your wedding specialist to make it your own. We offer a variety of upgrade options and additional services to enhance and personalize the occasion to suit your style. Your wedding specialist can assist you in detailing your needs.

What does Atlantis provide for weddings and reception?

The hotel provides all food and beverage for your selected and purchased menu, tables and chairs at the reception, white table linens, silverware and glassware. (Refer to the planning options as it relates to chairs for the ceremony.)

Exactly how much time do I have at my ceremony site?

Each site is reserved for 2 hours. Atlantis is an extensive property, so to avoid delays, we request all guests be instructed to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. A ceremony cannot be delayed by more than 15 minutes.

Can I have a ceremony rehearsal?

If you wish to have a consultation or rehearsal with the minister prior to the ceremony an additional fee will be assessed.

What if it rains?

All of our outdoor events have a designated alternative area in the event of rain. Your celebrations specialist will meet with you on the event day of to finalize this decision.

Can we provide our own minister?

Yes, as long as he or she is licensed to practice in The Bahamas. If your minister is not licensed to practice in The Bahamas, they can still perform the service. However, you are still required to hire a local minister to sign all legal documents.

Are Rabbi’s available?

Rabbis are not available at the Resort. There will be an additional fee to arrange one for you.

Are there minimum requirements for a reception?

Our specialty banquet menus are designed for 15 guests or more and require a minimum food and beverage spend of $150 per person at our standard venues, excluding VAT (Value Added Tax) and 15% gratuity. Special restrictions and premiums apply for events held at The Cove Atlantis.

Do you provide a menu tasting?

Should you require a menu tasting during any time of your planning, your celebrations specialist can assist you in selecting your tasting menu from our banquet menus. Menu tasting is not available on buffet menus. The menu tasting must occur at least 60 days prior to your event.

Do you have reception options for smaller groups?

Yes. If you are expecting less than 15 guests, Atlantis offers a variety of fine dining venues to host your special event. Your guests may choose from our a-la-carte menus or you may pre-select a menu from our pre-fixed options. A gourmet custom-designed wedding cake and champagne toast can be added to enhance your small wedding reception.

How far in advance do we have to provide the final guest count for a catered event?

The final guest count will be required by 10am, three days prior to the event and is not subject
to reductions.

Do I have to be a guest of Atlantis to hold my wedding on the property?

Our seven LOVE Atlantis planning options are exclusive to guests of Atlantis. Speak to a wedding sales manager about alternate options should you be visiting Atlantis for the day via a cruise ship.

Do my wedding guests have to be staying at Atlantis?

All of your guests are not required to stay at Atlantis in order to attend your wedding. An escort will be provided to accompany non-hotel guests to and from the location of the wedding and reception.

Will there be a service to assist in the decorating prior to the event?

We can offer you the services of a wedding assistant for a minimal fee. Their duties may include handing out programs at the ceremony or placing favors on the table at the reception.

Can I ship my dress and other items in advance?

We strongly recommend you hand carry your wedding dress. If you prefer to ship your dress, the Resort accepts shipments during normal business hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday thru Friday. It is recommended that a courier company be used to ship the items to the island and insurance and a tracking number are obtained. Please note that all items shipped into The Bahamas are subject to custom duties and brokerage clearance fees. The items will be stored in central storage until your arrival. The resort will not assume liability for damages to your dress. The phone number is 242-363-3000 and the shipping should be addressed as follows:

Your name as it appears on your guest room reservations
C/O <Your Celebration Specialist’s Name>
Atlantis, Paradise Island
One Casino Drive
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Does the Resort provide steam pressing of wedding dresses?

There is no service at the Resort; however, there are several services in Nassau.

Do you have any suggestions for planning my wedding?

Create a wedding binder for your inspirations, budget, and timeline. Create Pinterest boards for inspiration, clip pictures from magazines, visit relevant wedding websites, and make notes about what you’ve liked at other weddings you’ve attended. Speak to a variety of vendors, visit their websites, and select the vendors that fit best with your style, budget, and personality. Rely on your wedding sales manager and celebration specialist for advice and referrals. ENJOY!

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