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Atlantis recycling efforts

Global Recycling Day falls on March 18.

Each year this day aims to heighten awareness of the importance of recycling around the world. Atlantis is committed every day to protecting, preserving, and improving the natural world – both above and below the sea.

Our recycling efforts have continued to grow as we focus on sustainability initiatives, helping to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and our overall carbon footprint. Growth has been seen year over year — check out the following waste streams from Atlantis that are recycled into usable products:


Aluminum cans are recycled into reusable aluminum. Since 2022, Atlantis has recycled over 7,000 cans, and the proceeds from this recycling effort are reinvested in the community through the Cans 4 Kids nonprofit.


Pallets are recycled into mulch to be reused in landscaping. In 2023, over 18,000 pallets weighing around 40 lbs. each were recycled.


Batteries are reconditioned into new batteries. In 2023, this increased by 248% over 2022.

cooking oil

Cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel. Since 2022, almost 109,000 gallons have been recycled.

motor oil

Motor oil is recycled into a refined usable petroleum product. In 2023, this increased by 29% over 2022.


New initiatives: Atlantis is focused on programs to recycle even more materials to reduce our waste, including scrap metal, tires and glass.

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