jose garces Redefines Award-Winning Spanish Cuisine 

The latest edition of Table Takeovers took center stage at Café Martinique in late September, featuring recipes by award-winning Chef Jose Garces.

Guests enjoyed coastal delights and Spanish-inspired masterpieces curated by Garces, a prominent authority in Spanish and Latin American cuisine. Chef Garces, an innovator in the culinary world, is renowned for his distinctive approach to cooking, harmoniously blending tradition and modernity.

His creations transcend mere dishes; they are symphonies of flavor, texture, and passion. The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to savor these exceptional culinary creations as never before, making it a night to remember.

atlantis table takeovers chef jose garces cuisine
an unforgettable evening

The highlights of the night included the delectable Lamb Albondigas, featuring lamb meatballs adorned with Manchego and Sherry & Foie Gras Cream; and the Ora King Salmon, served with Smashed Sunchokes, Green Apple, Horseradish Cream, Smoked Trout Roe, and Red Veined Sorrel.

Guests also relished the Piri-Piri Roast Chicken accompanied by Grilled Corn Salad, Fava Beans, Field Peas, and Celery Root Puree. The Spiced Potatoes with Paprika Aïoli, known as Patatas Bravas, and the exquisite Tropical Fruit Mille Feuille rounded out this spectacular culinary experience.  

Exploring culinary creativity:
A TALK with Chef Jose garces

Join us for a conversation with Chef Jose Garces, one of the industry's most talented culinary innovators who continues to redefine Latin American cuisine. 

How did you approach the process of curating the menu for the Table Takeovers event and what factors did you take into consideration?

That’s a big question with a lot of answers. There are so many factors that go into curating these types of menus. We had to create two separate yet related menus for the Table Takeover at Café Martinique and then for the [intimate] Beach Dinner. To start, I tried to work within the framework provided by Café Martinique insofar as keeping the general vibe of the menu in-line with what the guests would be interested in and find exciting.

From there, I took seasonality and execution into account. With a menu this extensive, it’s important to make sure that it’s actually doable in a way that makes sense both for the staff and the guests. We worked really hard to ensure that every dish that left the kitchen was to the standards that I hold for myself and that Café Martinique holds for their space.

Finally, I thought about what I would want to eat if I were a guest, and then brainstormed until we found the right balance.


Out of the menu you curated for the Table Takeovers at Café Martinique, which dish is your personal favorite, and why?

On a personal level, what I would make myself and my family at home: the Tortilla Espanola with Jamon Iberico holds a special place in my heart. It’s the perfect dish to make on a weekend and just have available for snacking on throughout the day. Warm, cold, at room temperature, by itself or on some crusty bread with romesco sauce, it’s just a perfect snack.

From a culinary standpoint, I really love the Ora King Salmon dish we prepared, with the smashed baby potatoes and horseradish cream. It’s nicely balanced, with a lot of great flavors, while still honoring the salmon.


Throughout the planning stages of the event, how was the collaboration between you and the Atlantis team like? How did this partnership contribute to the overall success of the Table Takeovers?

I really enjoyed having this high level of collaboration with the Café Martinique team. It was great to work with Varun and the entire team to help see this event to fruition. I appreciated his responsiveness and the willingness of the team to go above and beyond to ensure that the event was a success.



On October 1, Chef Garces designed a limited-edition menu for an exclusive beachside dinner at The Cove Beach, where a select group of guests had the unique opportunity to experience his exceptional cuisine in an intimate dining environment. 

To learn more about upcoming culinary events at the Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival, visit

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