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Paradise Island provides easy access to dive sites ranging from the famed Lost Blue Hole to the Tongue of the Ocean, both featuring breathtaking coral reefs, such as The Fish Hotel. Blue Adventures offers SCUBA classes at Atlantis as well as two-tank, half-day dive trips for certified divers ready to explore the walls, reefs, and wrecks off the coast of Nassau.

Not a certified diver? No problem. Blue Adventures SCUBA classes let you safely SCUBA dive today! Following your pool lesson, if you opt for an ocean dive, your certified instructor will take you. Not sure about SCUBA diving? Then try our SNUBA adventure, perfect for vacationers who enjoy the simplicity of snorkeling. For these offshore adventures, ask about Blue Adventures excursions at any Blue Adventures Center, operated by Stuart Cove.

Every Atlantis Marine Adventure and Blue Adventures program supports the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, a non-profit creating and promoting solutions for a wide range of marine conservation challenges from coral reef degradation to marine species in decline.

Age limit: 10 years+

Species: multiple

Time: Half day, boat ride to location

Included: water, towels and equipment included

To Book, Call Blue Adventures: 242.363.3000, EXT 55319 or 69511

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