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This February, Atlantis Paradise Island joins communities around the globe to celebrate and raise awareness of wetland ecosystems as part of World Wetlands Day. Wetlands are just what they sound like – land that is saturated with water – and they include both freshwater and marine habitats. Filtering our water supply, storing carbon, and providing critical habitat for many species are just a few of the benefits wetlands provide people.


Here in The Bahamas, our wetlands habitats include salt marshes, coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, and mangrove forests. The picturesque mangrove trees with their tangle of arching roots, form a protective barrier to fight erosion of our coastline as well as help protect our islands from the devastating effects of hurricanes and storms. They provide a healthy ecosystem for many sea life species starting their lives, such as baby lobsters, young conch, small groupers, and various types of snappers that eventually venture out to deeper waters.

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Protect & preserve

To help protect and preserve Bahamian wetlands, Atlantis propagates and grows mangroves in estuaries on property. Since 2010 we have donated more than 7,000 young mangrove trees to non-profits including the Bahamas National Trust (BNT).

With help from Atlantis, BNT has expanded mangrove habitats and learned important data about planting mangroves to survive and withstand hurricane threats and further protect our coastline.

spotting mangrove wetlands

Guests can find two of our largest Red Mangrove trees at the Hammerhead Lagoon. They can be seen best from the Rope Bridge and the short wooden bridge adjacent to Coral Pool deck. Here they can also find our mangrove nursery, showcasing the potted propagules (seedlings) that fell from the parent trees around property now growing into small mangrove plants.

Mangrove nurseries

More trees can be found around Coral Towers at Cascades (with the nurse sharks), Estuary Lagoon (with juvenile sharks and stingrays,) and Ruins Shallows over at Royal Towers. You can also view our mangrove nurseries as you stroll past our Paradise Estuary and Mangrove lagoons at Dolphin Cay.

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