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Meet Sebastian, our California Sea Lion Dad!

Sebastian, or "Sebo", came to live at Atlantis after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He is almost 22 years old, is the oldest (but not largest!) sea lion at Atlantis, and weighs around 570 pounds. His daily diet includes a mix of nutritious fish - capelin, herring, and squid – but he LOVES ice cubes for a treat! This Father’s Day will be his first year as a Dad! Sebo has fathered two pups, Zemi and Karaya, both born in June 2021.

Atlantis is home to two different species of sea lions

California Sea Lion

Zalophus californianus

Adult size:  Males average 440-880lb., 6.5-8 ft. - Females average 110 - 240 lb.; 5-6.5ft.

Size at birth:  Approximately 13 lb., 2.5 ft.

Mating behavior:  Polygamous

Gestation:  11 months, with up to three months of delayed implantation.

Season of birth:  June and July

Sexual maturity:  4-5 years

Nursing:  6-12 months; milk is about 35% fat and 9-14% protein.

Distribution:  Pacific coast of central Mexico and north to British Columbia, Canada, but also in Galápagos Islands and Japanese waters.

Habitat:  Shallow coastal and estuarine waters. Sandy beaches are preferred for haul-out sites.

Diet:  Squid, octopus, and fish, including herring, hake, rockfish, salmon, Pacific whiting, and anchovies.

Food intake:  Average 8.3% of their weight per day.

Predators:  Killer whales and sharks

Swimming speed:  10.6 mph

Submersion time:  Longest recorded is 12 minutes.

Submersion depth:  Up to 900 ft., although usually don't dive deeply.

Longevity:  15-24 years

Southern Sea Lion

Otaria flavescens

Adult size:  Males average 660lb., 8.5 ft. - Females average 330 lb.; 6-6.5ft.

Size at birth:  Males average 30lb., 2.7 ft. - Females average 27 lb.; 6-2.6ft.

Mating behavior:  Polygamous

Gestation:  11.75 months

Season of birth:  Mid-DecemMales, 5-6 years - Females, 3-4 years

Nursing:  6-24 months

Distribution:  Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America from Uruguay to Peru.

Habitat:  Primarily a coastal species, found in waters over the continental shelf and slope; they occur infrequently in deeper waters.

Diet:  Fish, including anchovies and rockfish, as well as crustaceans, squid, octopus, penguins, and South American fur seals.

Food intake:  4-15% of their body weight per day.

Predators:  Killer whales and sharks

Swimming speed:  4 mph

Submersion time:  Female's average time is 3 minutes, longest is 7.7 minutes.

Submersion depth:  Female's average dive is 200 ft., deepest is 575 ft.

Longevity:  20 years

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