Go Big.
Go Wild.

Are you ready to play?

Sapphire Services allows a guest to imagine their very best day, to reach for the stars. We will stop at nothing to bring a sense of freedom, joy, and true escapism by understanding how they want to feel and what they wish to experience. Then, take it a little further.

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Sapphire Services caters to the elite traveler looking for highly curated and exclusive experiences by Atlantis Resort.

Now close your eyes and dream

How do you want to feel today?

From world-class luxury escapes to authentic Bahamian engagements. Sapphire Services will tailor any experience to our guest's unique desires and interests, whether on land, in the ocean, or somewhere above the clouds.


Ready to skydive?
Island hop on a private jet?
Charter a flight to the moon?
(well, maybe!)

For the thrill-seeker, the adventurer, the fast lane racer, our list of Sapphire Adventures starts with you. Explore the Bahamas in a day, play with sharks, take a helicopter ride.

You want to feel free?
Let's bring out your inner wild.

Get Intimate

Take some serious you time or lean into that inner romantic. These exclusive experiences are tailored to take your breath away.

Celebrity chef-catered date night?
Spend the night on a mega yacht?

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Stay Curious

Sapphire Services expertly curates experiences with worldwide industry experts, artists, stylists, and gurus for those looking to feel enlightened or curious to indulge in something new.

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