Rescued Dolphin Now Thriving in the Wild

Our animal care team was elated to hear that rescued dolphin “M&M” was recently spotted swimming in his “home” waters near Bimini.


M&M, short for “Modern Miracle,” is an Atlantic Spotted Dolphin rescued and transported to Dolphin Cay. He underwent months of intense rehabilitation and was successfully returned to the wild.

“M&M continues to amaze us,” said Ted Turner, who leads all of our marine-mammal programs. “By all indications, he’s well-nourished and physically strong, and he was spotted with other dolphins, which means he’s either back with his original pod or he’s joined a new pod. We couldn’t ask for better news.”

We first encountered M&M when a local resident reported a dolphin floating listlessly near his dock. Our Rapid Response Team found the dolphin weak, dehydrated and in critical condition. We began emergency intervention on site, treating him with fluids and antibiotics. Given the status of his health and his isolation from his pod, we were unsure about his chance of survival.

We stabilized him enough for transport and he arrived by sea plane to Atlantis, where we placed him in a shaded, medical isolation pool and began our critical-care protocol.

Over the next two months, he slowly started to eat again and returned to a healthier weight. He became bright, alert and observant and regained the ability to dive deeply and chase fish – behaviors he had to master again in order to be considered for release.

“There are only about 30 mature Atlantic Spotted Dolphin males remaining in The Bahamas,” said Turner, “so knowing he’s well and most likely contributing to the health of the species is especially rewarding.”

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