Put your group to the test by partaking in these events that emphasize all the important skills and qualities needed to develop and build a successful team! Positive communication, leadership and the ability to work closely with peers to solve problems are just a few of the key highlights of these fun and exciting activities!


GroupActivities BoatRegatta

Build a Boat & Hope it Floats Regatta

Weigh anchor, unfurl the sails and cast off as your group is divided into teams to design and build a cardboard boat in hopes that it will float across the open water.  Creativity counts!  So pick your captain, first mate and deckhands for this fun sea worthy adventure.  Take home the accolades for best design, best dressed or the spectacular sinking award!

Duration: 2  to 3 hours depending on group size 
Group Size: 20 person minimum to 50 person maximum
Includes: Boat and Safety supplies
Sound system
Emcee & staffing
Excludes: Venue rental fee
Logistics fee (any table/chair set-up)
Food and Beverage needs
Enhancements: Team/Individual prizes
Team T-shirts


GroupActivities TeamChallenge1

Atlantis Team Challenge

Atlantis is beyond the realm of the ordinary.  So too is this game, which unlike ordinary game shows involves everyone in the action – not just a few people at the front of the room.  It is designed to put the spotlight on the qualities that make strong teams extraordinary including Authority, Teamwork, Leadership, Attention, Navigation, Tactics, Ingenuity and Synchronicity.  This is an ideal event for the group that wishes to use existing meeting space and equipment for a team builder without having to venture outside.  All you need are tables, chairs, a projector and screen with sound capabilities and let the fun begin!

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours
Group Size: 20 person minimum to 100 person maximum

Team Challenge PowerPoint
Answer sheets and supplies
Event facilitation


Venue rental fee
Food and Beverage needs
Logistical needs (tables and chairs)
Technical needs (laptop, projector and screen, speaker)


Team prizes
Team T-shirts

*Additional Fee Applies for all Enhancements