Celebrate with
Atlantis EASTER baskets

Embrace the warmth of the Caribbean sun as you celebrate Easter with loved ones. Take part in traditional island activities, enjoy local cuisine, and soak up the laid-back island vibes. With crystal-clear waters and endless stretches of sandy beaches, there's no better place to spend the Easter holiday.  

DUCK/BUNNY BASKET           $80*       
(Yellow Ribbon)   

Sealife Coloring Book, Sand Pail w/ Toys, Activity Book, Kids Water Bottle, Atlantis Beach Ball, Candy

KID’S FUNTASTIC              $80*
(Lavender Ribbon)

Sealife Coloring Book, Atlantis Beach Ball, Atlantis Backpack, Atlantis Water Bottle, Atlantis Frisbee, Atlantis Game Book, Rubber Band Ball/ Jump Rope Kit, Cotton Candy, Candy

SPORTSMAN CHOICE           $130*
(Green Ribbon)

Fitness Water Bottle, Sports Bag, Football/Mini Basketball, Paddle Ball Set, Tech Travel Kit, Frisbee, Can Koozie, Candy

*Prices are not VAT inclusive

GLAMOROUS CHOICE               $130*
(Orange Ribbon)

Beach Mat/Blanket, Tumbler, Manicure Set, Beach Tote, Journal, Cosmetic Pouch, Silicone Cell Phone Wallet, Candy

EGGSTRAWDINARY               $300*
(Peach Ribbon)

Atlantisopoly, Beach Tote, Cosmetic Pouch, Beach Towel, Football/Mini Basketball, Paddle Ball Set, Journal, Water Bottle, Sports Bags, Pop-It Keychain, Sealife Coloring Book, Craft Kit, Tech Travel Kit, Visor, Tumbler, Beach Ball, Plush, Craft Kit, Frisbee, Candy

FAMILY FUNTASTIC                 $500*
(Gold Ribbon)

Atlantisopoly, Beach Tote, Beach Blanket, Beach Mat, Football/Mini Basketball, Paddle Ball Set, Journal, Water Bottle, Sealife Coloring Book, Tech Travel Kit, Tumbler x2, Craft Kit, Mug, Beach Ball, x2 Plush, Cap, Katrina Dolphin Book, Beach Towel, Picture Frame, Sand Pail w/Toys, Cosmetic Pouch, Umbrella, Luggage Tag, Frisbee, Candy

*Prices are not VAT inclusive

Easter Basket Pick Up
Baskets to be collected Friday, March 30, and Saturday, March 31, in The Royal Lobby, 5pm – 9pm.  Proof of Identification required to redeem your purchase.
For more info dial ext. 66385 while at resort.


Easter Basket Delivery
Easter Bunny deliveries available to confirm upon arrival at resort.  By appointment only.  Limited availability.  *Fee applies.

To confirm delivery, contact Bunny Central at ext. 66385 or email kidsconcierge@atlantisparadise.com.


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