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Enjoy barbeque steeped in the storied tradition of the South and created using the world-famous BBQ styles of Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, the Carolinas and Missouri. Family-style dining is taken to new heights in this rustic and casual restaurant by using a range of rubs and marinades, all enhanced by hours of gentle smoking over hickory, oak, and fruit woods. Guests can enjoy a delicious dinner of Virgil’s famous BBQ platters with home-style sides like smoky Memphis BBQ Beans, and finish off with sweet favorites like fresh fruit cobbler. Virgil’s is the ultimate go-to restaurant in The Bahamas for a touch of the South.


Information & Menus

Operating Hours

Lunch: 12 noon - 2:30pm, Dinner: 5:30 - 11:00pm, Bar: 12 noon - 11:00pm, Friday - Sunday Bar: 12 noon - 1:00am (Bar appetizer menu will be served from 11:00pm - 1:00am)


Age Restrictions

No age restrictions.


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