rehabilitation of a
STRANDED dolphin calf

On August 26, 2023, the Atlantis Animal Rescue Team responded to an emergency call for a dolphin in distress. A female pantropical spotted dolphin calf was stranded alone and struggling to swim off Cape Santa Maria beach on Long Island, The Bahamas.

Emergency treatment was administered, and the calf was immediately flown to Atlantis for around-the-clock intensive care at our Animal Rescue Center.  A complete veterinary assessment and treatment regimen was administered which included fluids, electrolytes, and antibiotics to stabilize her condition. 

Since she was unable to keep herself afloat and was too weak to swim and breathe at the surface on her own, a life-vest was required to support her during the initial recovery. 

pantropical spotted dolphin


Appearance: Pantropical spotted dolphins are relatively small with long, slender snouts or beaks. They do not have spots at birth but accumulate them as they age. They also have a dark cape or coloration on their backs and a white-tipped beak.

Weight | Height: Adults can reach 250 pounds and 6-7 feet long.:

Life expectancy: The average life expectancy for pantropical dolphins is 20 to 25 years. At 3 to 6 months, calves will begin eating solid food, and maturity occurs around age 11.

Where they live: Temperate and tropical oceans.


Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) Protected: Throughout its range

MMPA Depleted: Pacific northeastern offshore spotted stock

Cites Appendix II: Throughout Its Range.

Specially protected areas and wildlife (SPAW) ANNEX II: Subject to the highest levels of protection throughout the wider Caribbean region.

Maria is rehabilitated as part of the marine conservation programming implemented as part of Atlantis Blue Project Foundation (ABPF). The foundation creates and promotes solutions for a wide range of important environmental challenges, from coral reef and habitat conservation to improving the health of marine life.

rehabilitating Maria
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