Battle 4 Atlantis 2024
A Showdown of Basketball Titans

November 27 - 29, 2024

The 2024 Battle 4 Atlantis is shaping up to be an electrifying tournament, featuring a stellar lineup of college basketball powerhouses. Taking place in November, the tournament is set to be a highlight of the upcoming NCAA season. Among the eight participating teams, some are making a return, while others are gracing the tournament for the first time. Here's a closer look at what each team brings to the court this year.

Arizona Wildcats

Returning with a Legacy

The Arizona Wildcats are no strangers to the Battle 4 Atlantis, having previously competed in 2017.

This storied program boasts a rich history of producing outstanding guards, including Steve Kerr, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Richard Jefferson, Andre Iguodala, and Gilbert Arenas.

Davidson Wildcats

The Underdog Spirit

Davidson College, known for its strong basketball tradition, is looking to make a mark at the Battle 4 Atlantis.

With a reputation for developing talented players and a history of making deep runs in the NCAA tournament, Davidson is a team that can never be underestimated.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

A Formidable Force

Returning to the Battle 4 Atlantis, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are a powerhouse in college basketball. With multiple NCAA tournament appearances and a reputation for being a consistent top contender, Gonzaga is always a team to watch.

Their participation in this year's tournament sets the stage for potentially epic matchups, especially if they face Arizona, adding another layer of excitement to the event.

Indiana Hoosiers

A Storied Tradition

The Indiana Hoosiers come with a storied basketball tradition and a passionate fan base.

Known for their historic success, including multiple national championships, Indiana brings a blend of seasoned talent and youthful energy.

They are a team that can make deep runs and create memorable moments on the court.

Louisville Cardinals

Back for More

The Louisville Cardinals are making a return to the Battle 4 Atlantis, bringing with them a rich history of basketball excellence.

With a strong program that has produced numerous NBA stars and a track record of success in the NCAA tournament, Louisville is poised to be a formidable competitor in this year’s event.

Oklahoma Sooners

Seeking Redemption

Another returning team, the Oklahoma Sooners, are eager to showcase their talent and make a statement.

Known for their dynamic style of play and ability to compete at the highest level, Oklahoma is a team that can pose a significant challenge to any opponent. Their participation adds depth and excitement to the tournament.

Providence Friars

Strategy in Play

The Providence College Friars men's basketball team will aim to make a strong showing at Battle 4 Atlantis, demonstrating their resilience and competitive spirit.

Having been a founding member of the original Big East Conference from 1979 until 2013, and now part of the current Big East Conference, expect them to focus on strategic plays and teamwork, showcasing their skills against top-tier opponents.

West Virginia Mountaineers

Ready for Battle

West Virginia rounds out the list of participating teams, bringing their signature grit and determination to the Battle 4 Atlantis.

Known for their tough defense and physical style of play, the Mountaineers are always a tough matchup. They will look to leverage their strengths to make a deep run in this prestigious tournament.

see you on the court
The Battle 4 Atlantis 2024 promises to be an unforgettable event. Stay tuned as these teams clash in what is sure to be an epic showdown in The Bahamas.
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