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This September, award-winning Chef JJ Johnson took center stage at Bimini Road, dishing out an unforgettable dining experience at Table Takeovers presented by Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival (NPIWFF).

Featuring his crowd-favorite African-Caribbean cuisine, guests were treated to a flavor-packed journey showcasing the chef’s award-winning skills.

Chef JJ designed a limited-edition menu, with highlights like Lemon Pepper Prawns with a Hot Honey Lemon Pepper Sauce, Oxtail Dumplings with Green Apple Curry, Cornmeal Crusted Nassau Grouper Sandwich with Herb Remoulade, Jerk Spiced Duck, and Great Auntie’s Lane’s Curry Rice, a special recipe featured in Chef JJ Johnson's book, "The Simple Art of Rice."

Exploring the Art of Flavor:
A Conversation with Chef JJ Johnson

Join us as we embark on a flavorful conversation with a chef whose talents have earned him prestigious accolades
and a place on the culinary world's center stage.

What was the best part of your experience during Table Takeovers week at Bimini Road?

The best thing was working with the Atlantis team and seeing the community, connecting with the heart and the soul of who Atlantis is. Cooking at a restaurant that locals and return guests come back to was amazing, and I really got to connect with the community of Atlantis.


How do you approach the process of curating the menu for this type of event, and what factors do you take into consideration? Any signature dishes or techniques you'd like to highlight?

This process was great, and I worked on this menu for 4-5 months with the team. It was amazing to see it come to life and see people enjoy it.

We will build out a full concept from this, it was incredible to create and share the Oxtail Dumplings, Bone-In Cowboy Steak, and Jerk Spiced Duck.

I enjoyed taking my Great Auntie Lane’s Curry Rice dish from my cookbook to share how it can be prepared at home.


Are there any memorable moments from the event that particularly stood out to you, either during the planning or execution?

My CleoTV watch party for Just Eats. Knowing that my cooking show is shown in the Caribbean was a great moment for me. It was amazing to have people familiar with my cooking show, Just Eats, experience my menu at Bimini Road.


Are there any specific goals or collaborations that you're hoping to achieve at the Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival?

The overall goal is to keep building with Atlantis, as the heart and soul of the Bahamas. It’s all about the collaboration with Atlantis.



You can catch Chef JJ Johnson at the upcoming Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival in March 2024 at Atlantis, where he'll continue to showcase his innovative approach to African Caribbean cuisine.

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