In The Bahamas, there's a culinary gem that has captivated locals and tourists alike – Bakehouse, a gourmet shop known for its artisanal doughnuts, cookies, and pastries. Leading the way, Chef Ivana is a talented pastry chef with an impressive background and an unwavering passion for her craft.

Chef Ivana's journey began with her culinary education at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, followed by further refinement of her skills at The College of The Bahamas. During her college years, she made a name for herself by winning several prestigious baking and pastry competitions.

a rising star
  • Ivana’s early role as assistant executive pastry chef and cake artist at Atlantis was a pivotal moment in her culinary career. During this time, she created exquisite specialty cakes for The Cove, The Ocean Club, and The Reef. Her artistic talents quickly made her a sought-after cake artist.

    Beyond the resort, Ivana became the go-to pastry chef for special events in The Bahamas, partnering with prominent wedding and event planners. She also made appearances on local TV, showcasing her skills on "Bahamas at Sunrise."

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baking around the world

Ivana's culinary journey took her around the world. She enrolled in courses and conducted market research in culinary hubs such as New York City, Miami, Italy, and more. She had the privilege of training with renowned pastry chefs like Antonio Bachour and Ron Ben Israel, further enhancing her expertise.

Over the last five years, Chef Ivana has dedicated herself to perfecting Bakehouse's recipes, refining its concept, and crafting its unique brand. Her dream was to create an authentic, premium bake shop beloved by both locals and tourists.

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As she continues to shape her legacy, Chef Ivana remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the baking and pastry field. Her commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every delectable creation at Bakehouse.

During this year’s Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival and beyond, don't miss the chance to savor the culinary magic at Bakehouse, courtesy of Chef Ivana. Keep an eye out for all-new flavor combinations like Hibiscus and Guava, and Toasted Coconut Local Lime Yuzu.

“I hope to share a taste of our unique, locally sourced fruits from the outer family islands,” she says. “Bahamian cuisine incorporates many tropical fruits such as guava, coconut, and soursop. I plan to infuse these tropical flavours with my pastries.”

“I am most excited about networking with the local chefs and international chefs, and to showcase my skills and Bakehouse on a global scale," she adds.

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