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In the world of culinary arts, there are those who simply cook, and then there are those like Corey Small, who elevate food into an art form. 

At 34 years old, Corey Small isn't just a chef; he's the passionate force behind Flavors Catering, Da Bush Cook, and Oasis Bar and Bistro. His culinary journey has taken him from the classrooms of the College of The Bahamas to the bustling kitchens of renowned hotels and restaurants, where he honed his skills alongside some of the country's top chefs.

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Many who know him describe Corey Small as a humble and budding entrepreneur with a contagious laugh and a generous spirit. In his downtime, you'll find him cherishing moments with his wife, D'Asante Small, and his family, exploring new destinations, or indulging in anything that brings laughter to his life.

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Here, we'll delve deeper into Chef Corey’s culinary journey, exploring the flavors, experiences, and dedication that have made him a prominent figure in The Bahamas.

Can you tell us about your journey in the culinary world and the significance of your Bahamian roots in shaping your culinary identity?

Following in my father’s footsteps, I’ve always had a passion for cooking and creating flavorful dishes. Growing up with a Jamaican father and a Bahamian mother, I fell in love with the rich flavors, distinct ingredients, and the way good food makes you feel. Food connects the family.

The kitchen for me is my comfort zone, while simultaneously being the place I’m challenged most when my creative juices flow, and I expand my culinary skills.

From high school to college, as much as I tried to run away from the culinary field, it always pulled me in. The kitchen keeps calling my name. Since college, I had the privilege of working alongside executive chefs at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel and Graycliff. During my time at those respective entities, I had the opportunity to learn various culinary techniques and how to operate a business.

This time of training also taught me a lot about myself and my personal culinary style. I love creating Bahamian dishes with a modern twist.

Since then, I have facilitated private catering services for over ten years and opened Da Bush Cook in 2016 and Oasis Bar and Bistro 2023.


As a Bahamian chef, what role do local ingredients play in your dishes? Can you share some of the exclusive Bahamian ingredients that you're excited to incorporate into your festival creations?

I am always excited to include Bahamian ingredients in my dishes, more specifically conch, goat pepper, and native fruits. It is important for me to include Bahamian flavors and ingredients because it demonstrates how I can take something traditionally Bahamian and present it in a new and tasty way.

When I’m looking for something sweet, my go-to is guava as it’s a great compliment to savory dishes. Goat pepper is my go-to spice as it adds a great kick especially for seafood dishes. And for me, if it’s Bahamian, then conch must be involved.


Does your Bahamian heritage play a significant role in your culinary style? How has your upbringing influenced your passion for Bahamian cuisine and the dishes you create?

Bahamian cuisine in my opinion is the delicious representation of who we are as a people. We can take something simple and make it into something amazing.

I like taking simple ingredients and concepts, and providing a twist that is equally delicious but also expands the experience for my guests and clients.

My upbringing has influenced my cooking style, my love for tomato sauces, fragrant herbs and spices, seafood, and rich flavors.


Keeping in mind the diverse audience at the Wine and Food Festival, how do you envision your dishes being received by the attendees? What unique aspects of Bahamian cuisine do you hope to share with them?

Based on last year’s experience, I expect great feedback. I truly enjoyed the engagement as the guests asked questions about the ingredients and cooking techniques.

I look forward to sharing with them a flavorful experience with a twist so we can dig deeper into Bahamian flavors and ingredients.


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