WiFi and Cellular


Wireless internet is available in all guest rooms, front desk and lobby areas.
Cellular service is available through most U.S. carriers.

Did you know


Wireless Internet Access
As you move throughout the resort, you will be required to reconnect to the WI-FI once you enter a new tower or WI-FI zone.
You can do this in your settings, select WI-FI, and select the Atlantis-Guest network.

Internet rates: For each connection service you select, (guest room or pool decks/lounges), 
a flat fee of $21.95 will apply, allowing you 24 hours of service, up to 4 devices.

The wireless service accepts credit card payments only. *WI-FI coverage may not be available outside of the listed locations.

Mobile phone service is available on Paradise Island via most providers. Guests should check with their providers to determine if they have the proper equipment and service plan while visiting Atlantis.