Your event at Atlantis will dive into the sparkling Caribbean nights as Bahamian musical artists take center stage for concerts and shows featuring the top tier entertainment and authentic island culture. Contact your Conference Planning Manager for assistance with times, pricing information and entertainment availability.


Born in Freeport, The Bahamas and raised in Nassau, Alia was naturally exposed to the rich sound of the Island rhythms. She would eventually discover multi-genre music from all over the world, but it was in the church choir where Alia’s vocal talent truly blossomed. Alia appeared on “Live at the Apollo” three times. Years of experience have honed Alia’s talents and attitude. She describes her repertoire as a “Musical Gumbo” influenced by R & B, Reggae, Island Music, Hip – hop, Soul, Pop and even Rock.


As a youngster at the age of 10, Barrington bought his first guitar and learned cords and loved singing country music. Barrington aka “Fat Cat” as he is affectionately called, has been an entertainer for over 40 years and has performed in North and South America as well as Europe. He also was the founder of the group the Island Boys who performed from 1992 – 1997. In 1997 when the band members went their separate ways, Fat Cat and Sammy (the steel pan player)remained together and are still performing,. Fat Cat have been playing around the pools at Atlantis for the past 12 years.


Cathy started playing violin at the early age of 5 when she took private lessons. At the age of 14, Cathy joined the two State Youth Orchestras of Schleswig Holstein, Germany and was appointed section leader of the 2nd violins. The orchestras participated in several international competitions. She was invited to perform the German production of “Phantom of the Opera” when she was 17 years old. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a violinist and a music teacher.


This band can go from a five piece to a twelve piece band. They range from, Calypso, Jazz, Raggae, and top 40’s. Traffic is a very high energy band with four lead singers including two females. Traffic have worked at every hotel here in Nassau, Paradise Island, the family Islands and the United States.


Trinidadian by birth and citizen of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Taught and arranged steel pan music from the age of 16, Francis was brought to The Bahamas to play at the world famous Cat and Fiddle Night Club. He has also played at all the major hotels in The Bahamas and at the Peanuts Taylor Drum Beat Club as well as being a teacher of the steel pan.


Garrett was born in the small town of Cooper’s Town on the island of Abaco, in the North Eastern Bahamas. Garrett followed in the footsteps of his older brothers who are all accomplished musicians. His hidden talent surfaced when one of his brothers who plays the piano brought his piano home to practice. Garrett started to play with the piano without his brother’s permission. What Garrett thought would have been a way to waste time turned into something serious and meaningful. He realized he had an ear for music and sound. He later joined a band with his brothers and played with them for a few years. Garrett has played in the United States and around The Bahamas.


Gregory Hall began playing the piano at the age of 5 and studied music through the “Trinity College Of London.” In high school, Greg was the winner of The Bahamas Music Festival and minored in music at Manchester College in Indiana. Greg’s highlight of his career is the opportunity to perform in the Café Restaurant in the Great Hall of Waters when the Royal Towers at Atlantis opened in 1998.


Herbie started his career in the music field as a guitarist with his father. In the late 60’s he became actively involve with the group “Skylarks” in his native Eleuthera. In the late 90’s Herbie started to work with the “Falcons” as a lead singer and a guitarist. Along with being a strolling guitarist, Herbie is the guitarist with the band “Pieces of Steel” that performs in the Coral Lounge.


Under the leadership f Percival Sweeting, was one of the many groups emerging onto the Bahamian musical scene in early 1975. This 4 -6 member versatile group of musicians landed a contract that same year with the Holiday Inn International, paradise Island, where they performed for more than twenty-two years in various venues of the hotel, featuring dance, dinner and lounge music. Their repertoire includes good old Island favorites, soca, reggae, jazz, pop, country and western. Holiday Express has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Brazil and Mexico.


Headed by band leader and bassist, Adrian D’Aguilar, grew up in a musical family who natured his early interest in music. In 2006 Adrian formed “Jazz Etcetera” a predominantly jazz band that attacks a large following of jazz and music lovers from across the island. “Jazz Etc”, aptly describes the band diversity and focus. Having a unique mix of genre’s in their repertoire they are well suited to entertain just about any gathering or function. From reggae, to R & B, to Soft Rock, Pop and of course Jazz, Jazz Etc. does it all and does it well. These three members (Bassist, pianist / lead background vocals and lead vocals) are only a small part of the greater band that is Jazz Etc, which cater to the diversity of request from clients. Variety and a showcase of excellence is the bands rule, putting the music as their priority, assuring that you will be given quality at every show.


Bahamian vocalist Philip Kemp-Bowe, has a melodious sound that is timeless, convincing and fresh. He delivers each lyric in such a personal way that the listener instantly feels a connection to him. Together with notable and talented pianist and vocal coach, Lee Callender, they perform pop standards, old standards, contemporary jazz and a range of R & B tunes. The duo have been delivering music with charisma and delightful charm for the past two years.


Under the capable leadership of guitar / bass player / soloist, Tyrone Thurston formed the band “Melody Sound Band” in 1998 after an eight years relationship with two other talented musicians who called themselves the “Island Boys”. Melody Sound performs throughout the Bahamas and had the privilege of being working with the Atlantis Resort , for the past twelve years.


A member of the Grammy winner “Bahamen” Pat Carey a guitarist for thirty years and guitar teacher, performs as a strolling guitarist when he is not playing with his band the “Legacy Band” or being the lead guitarist with “Bahamen”. Pat have performed throughout the Bahamas and around the world.


Closed your eyes! Listen to the extremely smooth voice! Is it Nat King Cole? No. It’s Pat Rolle! Pat Rolle started his musical career in 1956 at the Confidential Club. In 1959 he joined the Montague Three Plus One at the Montague Beach Hotel. In 1966 he went on to perform at the Lyford Cay Club along with his group the Pat Rolle Trio. In 1968 Pat moved to New York where he performed at the Plaza Hotel. During his tenure in New York, he also appeared on the Merv Griffin show, along with Liza Minneli. Pat also performed at the “Top of the Hill Club” in Canada. He returned to New York where he recorded for Kapp Records. In 1981 Pat returned to the Bahamas. And in 2001 he started here at Atlantis in the “Five Twins Restaurant” and then he moved into the renown “Café Martinique” where he performs.


An island girl in every sense of the word, grew up in church and began her singing career, Paula performs in a variety of formats depending on the demand of the client where she utilizes her extensive vocal range from jazz to R & B. Paula performed in the Coral Lounge, Platos Lounge, Café Martinique and Bimini Rd. Away from Altantis Paula performs at the Lyford Cay Club.


Lead by the talented steel pan player and song bird Anita Ellis, the first Bahamian female featured on the steel drums. The band has played together for about twenty years, with Herbert Mackey lead guitarist and lead singer, Samuel Mackey the maestro on steel pan is the bass guitar player. This band have performed in Europe, Dubai, United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and throughout the Bahamas.


This band is lead by the legendary John “Chippie” Chipman, is indigenous to the Bahamas as they create a unique sound that is found only in the island of the Bahamas. The instruments are the goat skin drum, which is the main instrument, keeping the beat of the band in pace. The shakers are plastic bottles decorated and filled with pigeon peas to give it the sound. The steel pan is made up of old barrels, that gives a unique sound. The saw is scraped and used to create a unique sound along with the shakers, drum, saw and steel pan. All the instruments in the “Rake & Scrape” band are home and handmade. Rake & Scrape is a very happy and colorful band, with added colour when decorated with junkanoo costumes. The band has performed throughout the United States, Canada, South America and the Caribbean. At present they perform in the marina Village at Atlantis.


A contemporary Caribbean jazz band that play post styles at a drop of a hat. They have opened and backed for numerous international and local headliners. Different combinations of the band have played for, Queen Elizabeth 11, President Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, and the United States Ambassadors to the Bahamas just to name a few. The Band includes: Ronnie Seymour, drummer and vocals, Sharmond Smith, flute, saxophone and percussion, Lloyd Hamilton, on keyboard and last but not least, Nicolasena Davis-Maycock lead vocal. The band presently performs on Bimini Rd. porch.


Affectionately call “Sam Boy” Sammy started playing the steel pan at the age of 21, after playing around with it for some time, he fell in love with it and have been playing it for the past twenty (20) years. Sammy is called a maestro of the pans, being able to play whatever is asked of him especially for wedding. Sammy plays the single or double pans.


Discovered his talent in music during his senior year in high school, this is where he was introduced to the flute and the saxophone under the direction of Mr. Lou Adams Jr. Sharmond then continued his studies in music at “North Dakota International Music School of Fine Arts”. Sharmond love for jazz exploded when he became a member of the jazz band “Pneuma” Sharmond has produced and completed his first jazz album called “Home Coming”.


Under the leadership of Mr. Ira Storr, musician, arranger and composer as well as a prolific recording artist. Following a career of playing with other bands, Ira stepped out on his own in 1995 and formed the “Spank Band”. The Spank Band usually consist of five musicians and although some of the musicians have change, the band continue to be the band of choice. Their fame is acclaimed locally as well as internationally. The band have performed throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. The band can be heard on weekends around the pool at “Break Water” over at the Cove.


started performing in high school, As an upcoming artist he performed in local churches and wedding receptions. Later on he started performing in local nightclubs around the Islands. In 1991 he teamed up with local musician Silbert Cooper. The duet presently performs in Platos Lounge in Royal Towers. We have performed in Boston, Canada, New York and Florida to name a few places. This giant of a two piece band Can perform for dinner or an upbeat party,soca,calypso,golden oldies and a little jazz.