With 141-acres and 6.6 million gallons of crystal clear seawater, the largest and most sophisticated marine habitats and dolphin rescue-rehabilitation facilities in the Caribbean, where else but Atlantis can your group have an up close and personal experience like these, without ever having to leave the resort?
The larger the group the greater your savings.
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GroupActivities ShallowWater

Dolphin Shallow Water Interaction

Welcome to an unforgettable interaction with one of the most playful animals on Earth - the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. You and your group will wade into waist-deep water and have an up -close, personal experience in the shallow areas of one of our breathtaking lagoons. Watch these playful animals show off their amazing athletic abilities, then go nose-to-bottlenose as you touch, hug and even kiss your delightful new friend. It’s an experience of a lifetime! Our Shallow Water Interaction is offered in three packages:

  • Standard Shallow Water Interaction Program: you and your small group will be part of a group of up to 10 persons (we call this a “pod”). This program shares a lagoon with other interaction pods and dolphins.
  • Personal Shallow Water Interaction Program: you and your group of up to 50 form a personal interaction pool with your own dolphins.
GroupActivities DeepWaterSwim

Dolphin Deep Water Swim

Similar to our Dolphin Shallow Water Interaction, our Dolphin Deep Water Swim is an up-close, personal experience with one of our beautiful Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Taking place in the deeper waters of our Dolphin Cay lagoons, the fun begins with a unique opportunity to snorkel and glide alongside these amazing animals.

The excitement continues with our signature “foot-push” as a powerful dolphin propels you across the lagoon for a rush like you’ve never experienced.

This thrilling program is offered in three packages:

  • Standard Deep Water swim Program: you and your small group will be part of a group of up to 6 persons (we call this a “pod”). This program shares a lagoon with other interaction pods and dolphins.
  • Personal Deep Water swim Program: you and your group of up to 30 form a personal interaction pool with your own dolphins.
GroupActivities UltimateTrainer

Ultimate Trainer for A Day

For the Ultimate, hands-on marine life experience, sign up the group for our expanded Ultimate Trainer For A Day. You’ll feed, train, care for and interact with amazing Atlantis marine animals, with professional animal trainers and marine specialists as your guides.

  • Experience an exclusive customized Dolphin interaction
  • Feed Nurse Sharks and Cownose Stingrays
  • Snorkel in the Seagrapes Lagoon
  • Take a behind -the-scenes tour of our world-class facilities and animal hospital
  • Enjoy lunch with our Marine Mammal Specialist and Aquarist staff at the Mosaic Restaurant at the Cove
GroupActivities StingrayExperience

Stingray Experience

The Atlantis Stingray Experience provides an amazing hands-on interaction with hundreds of Cownose stingrays and colorful, tropical fish . Guests have the unique thrill of feeding rays in a shallow lagoon followed by the opportunity to snorkel alongside them.

  • After a brief overview of the experience and review of safety rules, guests will receive their own container of food to feed sleek stingrays and tropical fish in the Waters’ Edge Lagoon.
  • Small children feed from the shallows in the Stingray Lagoon, while older children and adults can feed in waist-deep water. An Aquarist will demonstrate the proper way to feed and share fun facts about the rays.
  • A Kodak photographer will be available to take photos of your Stingray Experience. Photos may be purchased following the program.

The program is 45 minutes in length (30 minutes in the water interacting with the Stingrays).
Groups are limited to 8 people.

GroupActivities SnorkelRuins

Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis

Looking for a unique adventure for you and your group? This thrilling 60-minute program includes an amazing 30-minute snorkeling adventure amid the sunken ruins and artifacts of the lost city of Atlantis. Participants have the rare opportunity to snorkel through the famous Ruins Lagoon alongside sleek sharks, spotted rays and brilliantly-colored tropical fish in this unique underwater setting. It’s a up-close look at some of the world’s most awesome creatures in the world’s largest open–air marine habitat.

This program is one hour in length (30 minutes in the water). Groups are limited to 10 people.