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*Not available for purchase outside of Bahamas.

Retail decor bamboo frames

Bamboo Grain Frame

22200039 4" x 6" $32.75
22200041 5" x 7" $35.75
22200042 8" x 10" $52.75

Laser engraved.

Retail gifts clearacrylicframe 350 236 0 0

Clear Acrylic Photo Frame

17200130 5" x 7" x 3/4" $26.50

Magentic clear acrylic photo frame that views from either side. The embedded magnets in corners snap the frame together without damaging the picture. Displays vertical or horizontal. Gift box packaging.

Retail decor ornament jellyfish pink

Pink Jellyfish Ornament

50400012 $39.00

Retail decor ornament jellyfish blue

Blue Jellyfish Ornament

50400013 $39.00

Retail decor ornament jellyfish black

Black Jellyfish Ornament

50400014 $39.00

Retail decor ornament frame turquoise

Turquoise Frame

58900015 $24.50