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During World Ocean Month, we invite you to embark on an immersive journey that introduces you to some of our planet's most critically endangered species. Explore paradise and learn about the importance of protecting our oceans. Unravel mysteries, create cherished memories, and unlock an experience that will leave you with a sense of awe and accomplishment.

Getting Started

Gather your friends and family as you dive into an exhilarating, interactive exploration of Atlantis. Uncover its secrets, unlock its treasures, and be rewarded every step of the way.

Download The Mobile App

Once you download the App, head to the Tours section, select the Scavenger Hunt —and get ready for your adventure!

Start Exploring / Instructions

Each scavenger hunt is considered an adventure with multiple missions. The missions are the destinations you will travel too within the scavenger hunt. To get started:

-         Select and click on your first destination within the scavenger Hunt (Note: you can complete your missions in any order)

-         Select "Route/Check-In"

-         Put in your starting point

-         Travel to each destination’s pin on the mobile app map to complete each mission!

-         To navigate through the hunt, use the App's map, with an advanced GPS system, guiding you to each destination’s pin.
-         Upon reaching the designated spot, unlock the opportunity on the app to claim a well-deserved badge.

-         To unlock the badge you must go to the destination’s pinpoint on the map.

-        Due to each phone’s GPS signal detection services, you may need to walk around in the area of the pinpoint to trigger the “Unlock” feature.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments!
  1. 1. Proudly showcase each earned badge on your social channels along with photos of you at the destination celebrating your achievement.
    2. When posting, use #AtlantisScavengerHunt and @AtlantisBahamas
    Continue to the next mission while discovering the many mysteries of Atlantis!

Completing The Adventure

Once you have gone to each mission's location and unlocked its badge, you will earn a final Adventure Completed Badge.
Note: you will know each mission was completed if “Completed” is displayed over each Mission’s image in the Scavenger Hunt


Your feedback would be appreciated to help us continue to elevate the Scavenger Hunt experience.

Terms & Conditions – Scavenger Hunt

-         You must have a Day Pass or be an Atlantis overnight guest to complete some of the missions in the Scavenger Hunt

-         When entering Aquaventure or The Dig you will need to show your room key or day pass wrist band

-         The Scavenger Hunt is for fun and is to be completed on a voluntary basis

-         In order to get the final reward and badge you must complete all missions

-         The scavenger hunt relies on WiFi and/or a GPS signal for best results.

-         Atlantis provides guest WiFi and is not responsible for any fees for data used from your cell plan