Real Weddings MelissaAdam

The wedding dream that is born with every girl is not limited to the white gown and handsome groom. It's also a vision of colors, smells and surroundings.

When we started planning our wedding, we decided a destination wedding was appropriate since the bride is Colombian and the Groom a boy from Brooklyn whose hearts met in Florida. There's a place between New York and Colombia which shimmers with the shades of blue from the caribbean waters and smells like the salty beaches the bride grew up with.

Bahamas. Our wedding was a story to be told and the images in our book needed the perfect background. With the beauty of sealife in the background, we celebrated with friends and family members as we united into one at the Atlantis Resort. Our wedding coordinator was a soldier. She seemed to have the answer for everything and was on top of our details as much as we were. Last minute changes, requests, back up plans…she was there! This made our day that much more special because we had the chance to lay back and watch all our preparation unfold before our eyes. It was a dream come true.



Photography by Humberto Vidal
Video provided by Warhon